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For customers using the Go To Travel Campaign

  • The Go To Travel Campaign can be used with almost all accommodation plan on the Official website, except for some plan.
  • Precautions

    Guests staying with the Go To Travel Campaign plan must agree to the "Matters to be observed by those who use Go To Travel".
    Please be sure to check and agree to the contents.

    At check-in, it is necessary to show "documents that can confirm the place of residence of the representative and all accompanying persons".
    Please be sure to carry proof of documents on the day of your trip.
    ※For details, please see "Matters to be observed by those who use Go To Travel" below.

How to apply Go To Travel Campaign "Discount Coupon" / "Regional Coupon"

Step1Book a "GoTo Travel Eligible"plan on the Official website or by phone.
※plan Go To Travel promotion discount will not be applied once the plan has been booked.
Step2On the day of your stay, we will copy your ID (documents that can prove your address * driver's license, passport, etc.) at the front desk.
Step3If you make a copy of your ID
Apply Go To Travel Campaign Discount.

35% discount on accommodation price!
In addition, we will give you a "regional coupon" equivalent to 15%.