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  2. Urayasu Osanpo MAP

Urayasu Osanpo MAP

Wander a little and discover the hidden attraction of Urayasu.

  • A. Kiyosu Shrine
    It is said to have been founded in 796 (1196), and the main shrine is designated as a Urayasu city designated tangible cultural property. It is suitable for shrines of the sea, and reliefs such as Urashima Taro and Ryugu Castle are wonderful.

    (Repair work scheduled from June to March 2 years)
  • B. Former Udagawa House
    It was built in 1887 and is the city's oldest private house.
    It consists of a store part facing the road and a housing part on the back
    It has been used as a post office and a doctor's office after going through a trading house such as a rice shop, an oil shop, a general store, and a kimono shop.

    〈10:00 to 16:00〉
    Holiday: Monday (the next day for public holidays) and New Year, no P
  • C. Old Otsuka House
    It is estimated to be the late Edo period architecture from the characteristics of the architectural structure and style.
    There is an attic 2F in this house, which can be lifted from the ceiling of the ground and the entrance.
    It seems that he was a part-time farmer who sold agriculture and seaweed.

    〈10:00 to 16:00〉
    Holiday: Monday (the next day for public holidays) and New Year, no P
  • D. Local museum (free entrance)
    The city that reproduced the life of Showa is a masterpiece!
    Urayasu a hands-on museum about Urayasu.

    Holiday: Monday (If Monday is a public holiday, the next day)
     Organizing Sunday in this facility, The day after the public holiday, End of Year/Beginning of Year
     "TEL 047-305-4300", There is P (Free)
  • 《, Flower street, 》

    In 1985, the "Flower Street Shopping District" was designed to revive the legendary variety program "Tenashi Takeshi's Energetic TV".

    At that time, many people from all over the country came in.